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1 week to go!

Just 7 days to go!

I have been busy today writing cheques for the last people that need paid; then I finished painting our letters and all of the frames that we are putting the table names in. They are all currently drying on the floor and I just need to do another coat on the & symbol! This week I also started stamping the questions into the guest book and got more grey paper to use as the backing for the Polaroid Pogo photo prints. I just need to get yet more glue tape pens then that will be the last DIY task completed!

I also spent the last half of the week preparing my portfolio for a job interview. I'm happy to say I got offered the job and providing my reference is OK, I will start just after our honeymoon! I'm really looking forward to this new challenge and so glad we now don't have to worry and can fully enjoy our honeymoon!


  1. thats fantastic, on all accounts but especially the job! what a wonderful bit of news to start your married life and honeymoon with :)

  2. It's all coming together. So happy for you!

  3. congratulations on the job what a weight off your shoulders. Hope I'm as prepared as you are 1 week out.

  4. Oh how wondrous on all counts.


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