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3rd dress fitting!

I had my 3rd dress fitting this morning.

The seamstress had sorted the length and added 3 bustle's so that I can put the train up for the evening reception. Everything else was great and after a quick adjustment to my additional item, the dress was ready to bring home! So its now lying on the spare bed at my parents house and the skirt when spread out, fills the whole double bed!

While we were there I tried the veil Rachel ordered for me with the dress. The material, colour and style of the veil are perfect but unfortunately it just isn't long enough! I want it to be slightly longer than the end of train and at the moment it stops too far from the end and just looks a bit odd as it isn't really relating to anything. Rachel is busy at a wedding fair this weekend so I will speak to her on Monday to get it changed. Rachel herself did think it looked too short when it arrived so we will need to get the manufacturer to make a longer one.

After the dress fitting we went to pick up the two possible dresses for our flowergirl. Fortunately she was in Edinburgh with her mum so we were able to try them both this evening and made a decision on one. The dress we chose was the one we had reserved from the Debenhams at Silverburn near Glasgow. It was so so dirty though so I ordered another new one while in the store and just bought the dirty one to try the size. The shop were happy for me to do this and know that I'm going to be returning it this week.


  1. Bet you can't wait to put that dress on! Must be nice to have it home and ready. Good luck with the veil and flowergirl dress

  2. Wow! You've got heaps done in the past few weeks! Best thing is the dress is all ready to go! I hope the veil and the flower dress works out. :)

  3. Eeek. Thrilling!

    P.S. How nice are Debenhams?!

  4. How exciting to knocking all this off your todo list. I'm inspired by you!

  5. Anonymous9/3/10 15:36

    How exciting! How are you stopping yourself from trying it on every day?!


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