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Wedding Invitation - 02.10.09

We received our invite to my friends wedding on Friday the 2nd of October yesterday.

It is my friend from work, Stacey, who I studied with for the last year {doing our Part 3 Architect exams} and who I go to swing dancing with on a Tuesday, so as you can imagine we have been almost talking non-stop about our weddings since I also got engaged. I'm so excited to be invited and cant wait as I love weddings and its wonderful to see what others have chosen to do for their special day. Her fiance Andrew also works at our office so I know both the bride & groom.

This will be wedding no.3 of the year as we had a school friends wedding on the 7th of February and then my work friends evening reception on the 28th of February.

Now I need to start looking for an outfit that could/will also double as my outfit for my niece or nephews christening in November, {I'm thinking the perfect excuse to get away with a more expensive dress since it is for 2 occasions!}