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Invite stamps

Although I really like the holly blossom stamp we used on the save the date cards, I wasn't sure if it would be big enough for the invites. I have been searching for alternatives for a while with either the same or a similar flower {possibly a dandelion or allium}. I do still plan to use the original stamp in the invites, probably on the information sheet or the RSVP card to tie everything together.

I looked at one stamp from Paper Source & another one from Stampin' Up, but didn't think they were quite right as they weren't too much bigger than the one I originally had.

L-R: Allium Stamp; Stamp from Pocket Silhouettes set
(Images from
here & here)

Then I came across the stamp below from the Unity Stamp Company, that I thought would be perfect as its the same type of image as the original stamp.

Linden Branch Stamp
(Image from here)

I ordered it back on the 30th July, along with the other stamp below which I just liked and would be good for maybe a birthday card!

Wish Sticks Stamp
(Image from here)

They both arrived on the 10th August {the company were away for a few days, hence they delay} and they are really lovely stamps. They are mounted on a wood slide and have the option of working with the unity handles mounting system and I ordered the 2 sizes I needed from another website here in the UK and they work great together.
The image is really sharp and clean and I think it will look good on the invites. It actually isn't too much bigger than the original stamp but its fuller with so much more happening and slightly longer which should work! Now I guess I need to start making some mock-ups of the actual invites!


  1. Anonymous26/8/09 11:36


    I just saw this an thought of you:

    Hmm, can't seem to post link but go to
    and search for 'cow parsley wall art' and it should be first result.

  2. Oooh thanks, I love that wall art!

    I think a random post about lovely cow parsley art is required!


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