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My first Wedding - June 1983

The first wedding I ever attended was my aunt's (mums sister), when I was just one and a half, in June 1983. They just celebrated their silver wedding anniversary last June so have now been married for 26 years. Don't they look so happy, my aunt looks beautiful and my uncle very smart. I think she still has the tiara she wore.

My aunt Janice & uncle Willie

Me & my mum, one of the 3 bridesmaids

Not sure how impressed I was!

Until i found something to play with!

I wasn't allowed to go to the church, they must have thought I would be too much trouble, but I went to meet them outside and went to the reception afterwards. My mum still has the dress I wore! I'm not sure if I really knew what was going on but I obviously thought wearing my granddad's top hat was a much better idea! Apparently I used to like putting things on my head, quite often the tea cosy!

Me with the Tea Cosy in our caravan! (and a Polaroid too which I love)


  1. Anonymous8/8/09 08:37

    Looking through family albums at weddings past is great isn't it? I love the one of you in the top hat! You'll have to use that somewhere at your wedding - are you having a display with childhood and recent photos of you and your fiance?


  2. Oh the tea cosy picture is too cute! Yay for family wedding photos.

  3. Yeah, its been great looking through them all, I still have my granny's to post too!

    We hadn't thought about using any photos yet but could be great maybe on the cake or guest book table.


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