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My card samples arrived...

...and one is almost the perfect colour!

As I noted in my post about the save the date cards, I had a bit of an issue with the original purple card I used for them - the shop we got it from stopped making it and weren't going to be getting anymore in and I couldn't find it anywhere else.

I contacted them and they even offered to search for the card if I sent a sample, which I did on the 21st April, but they didn't have any left. By then I had already decided that the card was too thick for me to make them into the pocketfold invites I wanted so it wasn't too much of an issue. So the search begun for the same colour but a thinner card elsewhere and when I couldn't find any in the shops, I decided to try online on recommendation of friend, and found lots of flat pocketfolds.

I ordered loads of samples of pocketfold invitations in every shade of purple I could find {see above} on 2 different UK websites {PDA & Pocketfold Invites} back in June. They all arrived at my office on Tuesday 2nd June and one from PDA is almost the perfect colour {see below}. I ordered another couple of sizes in the colour I wanted to check I had got it right since the original order form had so many options on it!

They are quite reasonably priced, certainly when you think how long it would take me to make them, as they get cheaper the more you order so for the 60{ish} that we need, it will be around £35. Orders over £40 get free delivery so I'm sure I can find something else to order - like some square envelopes or some card in the same colour for the evening invites etc. So now I just need to decide what size of pocketfold I want and do some mock-ups of the day & evening invites before I can get them ordered quite soon.
The pocketfolds come flat but are pre-cut and pre-scored which will save loads of time. I had originally wanted to do them myself but now that I know how long the save the dates took and the fact that I am also spending longer on this blog etc made me change my mind - i will be doing all the other bits of the invites myself so I'm pretty sure this still counts as DIY!


  1. I also want to use pocketfolds - but some of them are pricy over here, so this is a great link - thanks, as I had no idea you could buy them flat!

  2. beautiful!! loving the color! :)

  3. Anonymous26/8/09 11:16

    Love the colour! We're doing pocketfolds for our invites I think.

  4. Love the colour too. I have been trying to find decent card. What's the quality like?

    More details please!


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