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5th July 1952

My Grandparents {mum's mum & dad} got married.

While we were searching through mum's old photos for their wedding pics, pics of my aunt's wedding and pics of when I was a bridesmaid {another post still to come}, we came across my Granny & Grandads wedding pictures. I thought it would be great to share as a follow on from my parents then my aunt & uncle's wedding pictures.

Don't they both look wonderful and so happy. Granny had such a massive bouquet too! It contained sweet peas, as did my mums, so I'm considering having some in my bouquet as well. They only had 8 photos in their small album but it has been lovely looking through them all and scanning them onto the computer to keep for the future. Sadly, both my Granny & Grandad, as well as my Nana {dads mum}, are no longer alive so they wont be able to see me getting married.

L-R: Granny & her Dad; Bridal Party

L-R: Grandads dad, sister Rena, best man & brother Pat, Grandad, Granny, her bridesmaid & Granny's Dad

L-R: Bridal Party; All the Guests

Cutting the Cake

Wedding Breakfast {my Uncle is there but I will need to check which one he is!}


  1. I can't get over how huge her bouquet was. Holy crap!


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