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POSH Graffiti

How cool are these letters from POSH Graffiti. I saw them on a wedding report on the You and Your Wedding forum.

Love; Just Married; Let Them Eat Cake!
(Images from here)

I think they are fab and would really like to use them somewhere. I'm thinking a large G & G for either the cake or guestbook table, a bit like the ones that Heather from We Met in a Bar had:
(Image from here)

We could even have our wedding date in the medium sized letters but at least the G & G could then be used in our living room or bedroom afterwards. It would be good to paint the G's purple with the black or white &.

I also absolutely love Christmas decorations {I collect a new decoration from everywhere I go at any time of the year, think searching around Krakow at Easter!} so I'm considering getting the mini black letters to spell MERRY CHRISTMAS, which would look fab on our new black shelves in our hall against the lighter wall behind, or they could even be painted red.

(Image from here)

The website has a graffiti wall where you can play around with the letters you would want which is a great idea too.

My Graffiti Wall
(Image from


  1. Anonymous17/8/09 18:46

    Oooo I love the letters! Sometimes you can come across old gold shop sign letters in street markets - but then you'd be lucky to get a G and a G!

  2. Love them! Check out eBay. Although you may have to fight me for them!!


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