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Guest list finalised!

I think we have now finalised the guest list!

Our numbers are pretty much as we thought; it works out at 103 in total for the day list so as we were aiming {and had budgeted} for 100, we should be fine as some relatives and friends from overseas will probably not be able to make it. I'm sure there might be a few additions later on but we are happy with it at the moment.

We are then going to have another 52 coming to the evening reception. This figure will probably change in the next few months but we have plenty time until we are planning to send the invites out {probably going to send them out in January 2010 so we miss the Christmas post and everyone will get them in the year of the wedding - good idea from bridesmaid Helen!}.

I was working on it on Monday night since we have had an old list with millions of scribbles on it for ages! At the same time I was noting down all our savings so far as well as all the deposits and payments that have been made to date!


  1. Whoop! How exciting. Also it's nice to have something fabulous in the january mail!


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