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Bridesmaids, family, babies & friends...

...a busy weekend.

I had a lovely day yesterday with Grahams sister Hazel, one of my bridesmaids, then with Grahams family, a baby and friends.

We started off at Rachel Scott with my mum, Hazel and Graham & Hazels mum, Rosemary, where Hazel tried on the bridesmaid dress that the other girls tried on before. She loved it and both mums agreed it looked fantastic on her and was a great choice. We were able to take another peek at the same dress in the colour we want which helped them visualise what they will look like.

So the decision is made and I made an appointment on the 31st of October for Ashleigh to get measured since she will be up in Edinburgh for her baby's christening. The other girls that live here will probably be measured at the same time too. Hazel got her measurements taken yesterday in case she isn't up again before we need to order.

I couldn't resist trying on my dress again so that I could let Hazel & Rosemary have a look and get an idea of how the bridesmaid dresses would look beside it. I also made an appointment for me to go on the 8th of October to get my measurements taken, so I have until then to reach my goal weight!

I was able to speak to the shop owner about the additional item I'm having made to go with my dress, got the proper price for it {a bit more than we had thought originally but it will be fabulous!} and for the bridesmaids dresses. We also discussed options for our flowergirl as we feel the dress we have chosen for the bridesmaids would be too old for her. We are going to look at some high street dresses and make a sash either of the same fabric as the other dresses or some purple ribbon to tie in with the rest. We will probably also add the same type of buttons that are on the other dresses.
After the appointment we went down to Grahams aunt's for a barbecue to celebrate his cousin and best man Andrews birthday with all the family which was a lovely way to spend the afternoon.

Then we got to go and see bridesmaid Lucy, her fiance Sam and their new baby Emily. She is gorgeous and so tiny and we all got to have lots of cuddles. Since I don't want to post a picture without mums permission, here is the fabulous baby cake that me and bridesmaid Helen got them for one of our gifts from the baby cake company. We also got them a lovely girlie outfit, some bibs and a fab t-shirt that says 'my mummy is a yummy mummy', hope they liked them. Unfortunately mummy & baby had to go back to the hospital today so hope they get home soon.

Luxury Neutral Three Tier Baby Cake
(Image from here)

Later on we all went out in Haddington to meet some other friends of Graham & Andrew. Hazel & usher Jake also came along, as well as bridesmaid Helen. Lets just say there was far too much alcohol involved, the heels on both of my shoes broke {seriously, how likely was that to happen!}, Graham had to carry me home & I have spent most of today feeling awful and just lazing about and sleeping!

However we did make it to the church this morning where we got to see our flowergirl Georgia to give her the gift we bought ages ago, a book for her to fill in and keep when she is a flowergirl.

(Image from here)

I wasn't feeling too great after the service with the heat inside the church, so had to make a very quick exit! I didn't even get to properly speak to some of my mums friends so will definitely have to explain next time {when we will NOT be going out the night before!}

A great weekend!