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Your blog is Super Cute!

Another lovely blog award that I got from two different people, whose blogs I have just started following. Thank you Stacy from Thoughts of the All Consumed Bride & Kristy from I'm Gonna Marry You Someday. Its good that the award has now hopped over the pond too!

The award, in Portuguese, translates as "Your blog is Super Cute!"

The "rules" for this award are:
1. Give the award to 10 other bloggers and let them all know.
2. Leave a message to the person that gave you the award.

I am going to pass it on to 10 other lovely blogs that I follow:

ps. I still have so much stuff to blog about following our hols, the christening and last weekends wedding planning but I haven't had the time to complete my posts. Hopefully I can rectify that this week.


  1. Oh cute :) I've never had an award that needed translated!

  2. Excellent choice of blogs! Some I haven't even discovered myself yet so thanks!

  3. Ahhh thank you!

  4. thanks for the award and advice!

  5. Thank-you! Hope it's all going well. x


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