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Last Sunday we made the trip to our nearest B&Q {a DIY superstore} to get some paint for our G & G letters. As I mentioned when they arrived, I hoped that we would be able to find shades that would match, or at least be similar, from their large range. There were a couple of colours that we thought would match but the sales assistant offered to scan my pieces of purple and grey card so that we could get an exact match mixed up.

We got a tester pot of each and since they are 250ml, it should be plenty to do the 3 letters and means we will have loads left if we can think of any other projects to paint! Each tester pot was only £2.48 so it was really cheap to get the exact colour we wanted, even though no one else is really going to notice. I didn't bother telling the assistant that we only wanted the paint for wooden letters as I think she thought it was really important that we get an exact match!

So now we just need to paint them but I don't think we will get a chance to do it until we are off at Christmas as we have lots to do before we go to Florida!


  1. What a great idea to get tester pots! Can't wait to see them when you get a chance to get them done.

  2. Those colours are delicious. The letters are going to looks fantabulous!


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