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Bridesmaids measured!

We had a really busy and lovely weekend full of family, friends and babies!

We started by getting the bridesmaids measured for their dresses on Saturday morning at Rachel Scott. Ashleigh wasn't there when the other girls went to see the dress and try it on so as we arrived first, with mum & baby Enzo too, she got a chance to try it. The sample almost fitted her perfectly and looked lovely {even though she only had a baby 5 weeks ago!}, so we were able to properly see how the dress will look. Then her measurements were taken and we reviewed the size chart to see what size Ashleigh wanted to order since she hopes to have lost most of her baby weight by April. Lucy did the same and they both ordered a realistic size, since dresses are so much easier to take in, rather than out and I didn't want them to feel any pressure at all since they will both look gorgeous as they are. Then Helen and Karen-Louise were measured which meant all the sizes to be ordered have been decided, since Hazel was measured the last time she was at the shop. We are also getting extra length added to Helen & Hazel's dresses.

So all that was left to do was to pay for half of the 5 dresses and pay for half of my extra item so they can all be ordered. Afterwards we went for coffee with everyone, including my sisters fiance Patrick, who had arrived by then, before we headed to John Lewis for a quick look around. After a while, Dad came to pick me and mum up to take us home to get the last arrangements made for the party Ashleigh and Patrick were having that night.


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