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Wedding insurance

We finally got round to purchasing some wedding insurance tonight!

This was definitely the most unexciting purchase we have made so far, but it was something we felt we should get since we have now paid deposits for almost everything. Most of the larger deposits / payments have been made using a credit card {a Tesco one as we are collecting clubcard points to turn into Airmiles}, which gives us additional protection, but some have been paid in cash or by cheque so the insurance gives us some piece of mind in the current climate.

We opted for a policy from Weddingplan as it was quite reasonably priced but also covered the items we wanted. We did make sure that the policy covered all deposits we have paid prior to purchasing the insurance and that we would be covered if any of our suppliers goes into liquidation.

Lets hope its the only thing we buy that we don't have to use!


  1. We need to look into this too. Hope you never have to use either!

  2. I also have really been thinking that I should look into wedding insurance. Thanks for the link!

  3. Gosh, hadn't even thought of that... beginning to learn there's lot of stuff I haven't considered yet!

    P.S. Thanks again for the award – finally got round to passing it on x


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