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Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

We are off to Florida tomorrow morning and I'm currently trying to decide how many pairs of shoes & handbags to take with me!

I'm so looking forward to a lovely couple of weeks in the sun and we have plenty things planned to do while we are there {including lots of shopping!} Although we will have computer access, there wont be many posts over the next couple of weeks but I'm hoping I can keep up with all my other blogs in my google reader!


  1. Have a brilliant time! Still very jealous, don't take too many shoes and handbags - means there is less room to bring new ones home with you.

  2. Say hello to the sunshine from us left here in the drizzle!

  3. Have a lovely time! Hope you can get everything you want to get over in America.

  4. it's cold here but im sure it's much colder in the uk. HAVE FUN!

  5. Oh I hope you are having the most fabulous time you lucky thing you!!


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