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Ribbon swatch card & progress!

I mentioned here that I wanted to get some 70mm purple satin ribbon, the same colour as the bridesmaids dresses, to use as a sash on the flowergirls dress. That way she will tie in with other bridesmaids.

I thought that Berisfords would have a similar colour, as they have a massive range, so I had a look in Hobbycraft and bought 1m of their Liberty colour, which turned out to be too bright against the dark purple. I managed to find a ribbon swatch card from Berisfords at Jaycotts, for the tiny sum of 45p, which I ordered then received a couple of weeks ago.

It is great for matching up colours and samples but unfortunately, none of the colours are really suitable. Although the Blackberry colour may work if we cant find anything else {see below}, its not quite right!

So my next plan is to carry on looking for dark purple ribbon and if that fails, attempt to get the original sash dyed to the same colour as the other bridesmaids.

Otherwise, here is a quick update of what else we have been up to in the last week or so:
  • I confirmed & paid the florist deposit.
  • Graham tried his ring when it arrived at the jewellers; we will pick it up and pay for both rings when mine arrives.
  • Im making progress with the invitations; 36 of the day invites are done & I have another 12 printed and ready to stamp / ribbon / stick etc. I have also ordered another small stamp which I may use on the inserts or RSVP card. {A separate post will follow with more detail!}
  • I received quotes / responses from 5 of the 7 coach companies I contacted; 2 were already fully booked and one of the others is quite a bit cheaper which we will probably end up booking. I would like to get it arranged before we go away.
  • I have requested written confirmation from our cake maker we booked last month.
  • We spoke to the minister at the church on Sunday to discuss going to meet him in January to finalise the ceremony. He confirmed that we can get married at 1pm {which is just as well seeing as I have already printed most of the day invites!}, that he would prefer 3 hymns like my mum and a couple of readings but that it wont last any longer than 45 minutes.


  1. geez i haven't really done ANYTHING and we have 7 months to go. you are so on the ball!

  2. haha, everytime I read one of your posts I'm searching for my wedding notebook (yes I have one of these) to write down your suppliers.
    Invitation supplies from xxx
    Wedding Insurance from xxxx
    Ribbon from xxxx
    Please keep it coming, unbelievably helpful.
    I'm with Katie really need to pull my finger out and start planning instead of enjoying everyone elses planning so much!x

  3. Oooh those ribbon swatch cards are pretty :) (Sorry got distracted by the pretty colours!)

  4. Best of luck in the ribbon hunt. How frustrating you can't find the same colour!

  5. The darker, black berry colours are very pretty!


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