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Our letters arrived...

...and I love them!

On the way to the airport this morning, we went to the post office {in time for it opening at the ridiculous time of 6.30am} to pick up my package that couldn't be delivered yesterday. As I thought, it was the G & G letters I ordered back in October. They had been sent from the US on the 14th, so I think they must have got caught up in the postal strikes over here.

I think they are going to look great on the cake or guest book table, so now we just need to get some paint to match the purple and dark grey card on the invites and get painting! I'm hoping we will be able to find shades that match from the Dulux Tailor Made Colour range and then we can just buy sample pots of the mixed colour which should be large enough for the letters. We used the same system to try out which red we wanted on our living room wall that you can see behind the letters above!