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Last Monday I went to meet the florist, Val Hamilton, at her studio in Linlithgow. Graham didn't come with me as he isn't really that bothered about the flowers and the florist had suggested that it would be better as we could properly discuss my dress as well.

I quickly put together a couple of pages of pictures to take with me showing the types & colours of flowers I liked as well as another couple of pages showing my dress since I don't have a fabric swatch yet. I had some ideas about the type of flowers I wanted including orchids and tulips but I wasn't sure what else would tie in.

Val was really helpful and together we went through lots of different ideas and looked at what would be in season. As we had thought, the sweet peas that both my mum and granny had in their bouquets, are not available in April so I wont be having any in my bouquet. Val suggested she could get fake ones if I really wanted them but I only want fresh flowers, which she was happy about as she prefers not to use them.

We came up with a plan for all the bouquets, buttonholes and table centres which I think will be fabulous:

My bouquet: Purple Vanda Orchids {hand tied}.
Bridesmaids bouquets: Purple Tulips, Lime Green Viburnum & Ivory Bouvardia {hand tied x 6}
Top table: Purple Tulips, Lime Green Viburnum & Ivory / Pink Singapore Orchids {in 3 low glass cube vases}.
Table centres: Purple Tulips, Lime Green Viburnum & Ivory / Pink Singapore Orchids {in tall thin glass vases x 9}.
Grahams buttonhole: Purple Vanda Orchid.
Other buttonholes: Ivory Orchid {x 6}.
Corsages: TBC {depending on both mums outfit colours x 2}.

After our meeting, Val typed it up and then provided a quote for all of the flowers including delivery, set-up and dismantling, which we received on Friday. We are happy with the price she quoted as it is slightly under the figure we had in mind and I am aware that I haven't exactly chosen the cheapest flowers with all the orchids! So now we are going to pay the £50 deposit which will secure our date. We still have plenty time if we want to change anything as she wont be ordering the flowers until two weeks before the wedding.

So now we just need to find out about the church flowers. My parents know the women who provide & arrange the flowers for the services every Sunday and they offered to do the flowers for the wedding as well. This should work out cheaper than getting Val to do them as we will only have to pay for the actual flower cost and not the arranging. Mum is going to find out in the next couple of weeks what it might cost and what sort of flowers they can get. I'm hoping they will just be able to get flowers in the same colour scheme.


  1. Oouuu how exciting! Flowers sound great! Can't really go wrong with tulips and orchids I think! Can't wait to see them!


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