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Blog Award - 10 things about me!

I'm very excited to get this award from the lovely R at My Spare Thoughts, thank you R for thinking of me.

So I have to tell everyone 10 interesting facts about myself and pass the award onto 10 other lovely bloggers. Here goes:

1. I love Christmas and we have a massive tree for our flat which, come the middle of December, will be covered in mostly individual decorations. I try and buy a new tree decoration in every place we go as a souvenir which I love as it means almost all of our decorations mean something to us. Just after Graham proposed in New York, I bought one of Santa on the empire state building and I plan to buy loads more in Florida.

2. Im hoping that Graham is going to buy me a Coach bag for my birthday, which is the 3rd of Dec, when we are in Florida.

3. We are spending my birthday in Epcot at Disney World; in 2009, Disney have the year of celebrations which allows everyone to get in free on their birthday. Makes a change from last year when I was in the middle of a 48 hour exam!

4. I love being an Auntie to my gorgeous nephew Enzo who I wont get to see again until Christmas. We spent last Christmas day with Grahams family so this year we are spending it with my family which is wonderful that we get to see Enzo's first Christmas, even if he wont know anything about it!

5. I am getting married in 148 days!

6. I watch a lot of TV and at the moment I am loving Fringe, Fast Forward, One Tree Hill, The Restaurant, Don't Tell the Bride, True Blood, The X Factor & Spooks.

7. I cant wait for the new Twilight film, New Moon, to come out in 14 days {I'm actually watching Twilight again as I write this post!}

8. I wear glasses and contact lenses, as I'm blind as a bat, and I think I will get laser eye surgery someday as I would love to be able to wake up and be able to see!

9. Now that I have reached my WW goal and gone down 2 dress sizes, none of my old clothes fit! Since I'm just in the process of buying more and cant afford to buy them all at once, I don't have much choice to wear, especially for going out.

10. As my twitter followers will know, I am going to be joining Little Miss Wedding as a guest bridal blogger which I am really excited about and very flattered to be asked.

So now I'm going to pass on the award to 10 other lovely blogs that I have been enjoying lately:

1. Mo at Pink Argyle
2. Katie at K, tea?
3. Louise at The Thirty-Something Bride
4. Joyce at blushingjoy
5. Marie at Wife in the City
6. Cat at PDX Bride
7. Bells at Our English(ish) Wedding in Italy
8. Krista at Holy Hanna...Wholly Krista!
9. Cat at Nashville Newlyweds
10. the future mrs smith


  1. Spooks! I love it so much! I'm blind too, I can't be bothered with laser eye surgery, they told me I'd probably still have to wear glasses after, and your eyes start to deteriorate again around 35ish. Plus my friend told me really gross things about when she had it done. which I wont share with you.

  2. Thank-you :) 148 days doesn't sound that long which is very exciting! And I missed Spooks on Wednesday so am going to have to catch up somehow. Here's to iplayer!

  3. You're very welcome. Just watched Spooks on iplayer - loving the new series already. Yey for the short sighted club - have you ever showered with your contact lenses in? It's freaky being able to see in the shower.

  4. Christmas is my favorite holiday!!!

    Thanks for passing it on to me:)

  5. Thanks for the award!! Oh gosh, same here with bring blind. I was really interested in laser eye surgery but have heard a few horror stories too so I'm not sure now. I would love to wake up and not have to feel around for my glasses though. Such a tough choice.

  6. 148 days sounds soon - in a good way :) Your birthday sounds like it will be ace too!

  7. ack! i just saw this. sorry girl. oh - a coach bag AND disney??? what more could a girl ask for?!?!


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