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WW Week 43...

...another 1.5lbs lost!

Current Weight [14.11.09] - 9st 12lbs
Total Loss = 36.5lbs

I went to our WW meeting again yesterday with mum, just to check my maintenance plan is working. I had lost a bit more, even though I wasn't really trying too, which will help when we are in Florida!

After the meeting we went to have a first look at some mother of the bride outfits then we went back to the kilt shop to see Graham's tartan properly since it had come in from the mill already. We then had lunch with my parents before Graham bought me some lovely new boots and I got some shoes to take on holiday. We finished off the day by having dinner with Graham's parents then went out for my bridesmaid Helen's birthday at night. Today we had a lovely lunch with Grahams parents, aunt & uncle and grandparents before heading home to catch up with X Factor.