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All booked up!

I paid the deposit for the final item we had to book today! I'm really pleased we managed to get everything sorted before going on holiday.

We booked a 70 seater coach, from Prentice Coaches in Haddington, to take our guests from the church to the reception venue and it will return to Haddington after the reception. Not all of our guests will need the coach as many of our family and bridal party are staying over at the hotel but it should be big enough for the rest. It will also mean our evening guests from Haddington will be able to get the bus home! It was only £40 more to get the bigger coach, rather than a 57 seater, so we just booked it as we can always change to a smaller one later if required.

Once I had received a quote or response from all of the 7 companies I contacted, the 3 quotes we received were roughly within the same price bracket. We booked the cheapest one since the company is actually based where we are getting married and we have heard good reports about them. We may want the bus to do a drop-off in Edinburgh on the return to Haddington and they were the only company who wouldn't charge more for it. The coach was definitely more expensive than I expected but its something we wanted to provide since the church and reception venue are around 40 minutes apart. The ushers are going to be charged with getting the guests onto the bus and up to the hotel, since the rest of the bridal party, including our parents, will be in the cars we have booked.

This afternoon I requested my holidays for the wedding and honeymoon at work and they got approved quickly {obviously they all knew when I was getting married and that I had already booked our honeymoon!} I'm taking 17 days off in total which includes 2 days before the wedding, then the 3 weeks after. We get back from our honeymoon on the Wednesday of the last week but I didn't want to go back to work on the Thursday or Friday! It will be lovely to have a few more days to enjoy before everything goes back to normal! If necessary I can take more time off before the wedding but hopefully I will be organised enough beforehand!

Then when I got home, the swatches of my dress fabric had arrived from the dress shop! I requested it last week so that I can start looking for shoes and other accessories when we are in Florida. As there are 3 different materials in my dress, they sent a piece of each which is great. I cant wait to see my proper dress when it arrives next year.