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Flowergirl's dress, invite mock-up & hymns!

After church today we had coffee with my aunt and some of my parents friends before going to my flowergirl, Georgia's, house, to let her try on the dress I bought her. It fits really well, the length is perfect and there is still a little bit of room in case she grows any more before April. Both Georgia and her mum really liked the dress as well.

Although I mentioned replacing the sash with purple ribbon, we are also going to try dying the sash {minus the flowers} purple, to see how it turns out. If its not suitable we will just stick to the ribbon plan. Its good to have another item off the list!

I also finally made a mock-up of the main part of our invitations on Friday night. They turned out as planned and I really like them so now I'm going to order all of the supplies we need. There are few bits of wording that need changed but other than than I'm really happy with them. On our way back home this afternoon I popped in to Hobbycraft to check the colour and buy 1m of the grey ribbon I want to use for the invite belly bands. The satin Smoked Grey is almost the right colour so I will do a mock-up of the full band before I order the ribbon.

We also started thinking about options for the ceremony hymns / music on Saturday. Well I say we, but I mean me and my parents, as Graham was working and to be honest, he isn't really bothered about them and is quite happy to let me and mum decide. Mum had some good suggestions of some modern hymns that would be a bit more unusual which I think would be great. I have a list of 5 or 6 that we can now narrow down and discuss with the minister.


  1. Glad they liked the dress.

    Can't wait to see these invites.

  2. Hey good work! Seems like things are moving along quite efficiently. Did you decide on the hymns you're using?

  3. Not finally decided on the hymns but so far im thinking about the following:

    'Jesus Stand Among Us' by Graham Kendrick; the Stuart Townend version of 'The Lord's my Shepherd' and then either 'Let’s praise the creator' or 'We come, dear Lord, to celebrate'.

    That is providing we have 3, it may just be 2.

    Have you decided yours yet?


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