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G & G

I mentioned before about wanting to get some wooden letters with our first initials, G & G, to put on either the cake or guestbook table. Although I loved the POSH Graffiti ones I found, on further inspection it turns out they are not designed to be free standing, although some do, and they are mainly designed to be hung or to be leaned against something.

I had also already decided that the largest letters at 23cm tall {& 21cm wide for the G's} would be far too big for the table and that the smaller 12cm ones would be more suitable, if only they could stand! Rather than taking the chance that they wouldn't stand up, I started looking for alternatives.

I managed to find some wooden letters that Making Memories made for Target on good old EBay. I ordered 2 G's and an & sign today so hopefully they will be suitable. Each letter is 5" {12.7cm} tall and flat on the bottom, which should make them stand up. They are just plain white which means they can be easily painted.

(Images from here)

My plan is to paint the G's purple and, if my idea for the invite backing card works, paint the & sign dark grey. Something like this:

I have shown you this before but I still love the ones that Heather from We Met in a Bar had and the way she used them the next morning at breakfast as well. We could use ours at whatever event we decide to have the day after the wedding with both of our families.

(Images from here & here)


  1. These are lovely and a great thing to keep for many years to remind you of your wedding day. Hope they work for you!

  2. I've been looking for these!! The ones that I've found in Sydney have been quite thin in depth and I doubt that they'll be able to free stand!! Gonna go check Ebay now!! Thanks for sharing!!

  3. Love them! I love anything typographical. I think I have a problem!

  4. Cute idea! Me and the other half already have quite a few 'N's and 'Z's kicking about the flat (I have a thing for letters)... though people always think it's for New Zealand rather than us ;)


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