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Lego Wedding

I mentioned before that I loved Lego growing up so when I saw this real wedding on With This Ring, I had to share. The groom was involved with all of the wedding planning and managed to include Lego since its one of his favourite things. More images can be seen on the photographers blog here.

(All images from Caroline Tran via With This Ring)

The Lego cufflinks are just like the ones I got for Graham and my Dad for a novelty gift. I never thought about adding Lego figures to them but how funny would that be, even if completely impractical. Don't really think they would go with the jackets that all the men are wearing with their kilts but they could be a funny gift for the best man and ushers to wear some other time!


  1. So cute! The boy also loves legos. They were his passion growing up.
    How fitting now that you are an architect!


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