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WW Week 38...Goal!

...another 1lb lost to make it to goal!

Current Weight [10.10.09] - 10st
Total Loss = 34.5lbs

Yippee, I'm so happy I finally managed to get to my goal weight of 10st! Perfect timing since I got measured for my dress on Thursday. I am now officially a Weight Watchers Gold Member and I got my gold key and certificate from my leader, who was also super excited that I had reached my target. She said she had almost wrote out the certificate last night as she was sure I would do it but thought it might jinx it!

Being a gold member means I don't have to pay to attend meetings anymore {which I will continue to do with mum}, as long as I don't put any more than 5lbs back on! There is a maintenance plan in my gold member pack which explains how you can maintain your weight but I think I'm going to continue to follow my normal plan for a while longer, mainly to make sure I stay the same, but it also will give me more flexibility, especially with all the holidays coming up until Christmas.

We are off to my friend Lucy's tonight so I think a few glasses of wine are in order to celebrate!


  1. Awesome!! Congratulations on achieving your target weight!!

  2. yaaay! congratulations girl and have fun celebrating! :)

  3. Congratulations! Very exciting.


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