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Scottish Wedding

We had a wonderful time at the wedding of my friends Stacey & Andrew last Friday. I work with both of them so I knew both the bride and groom and I had met lots of Stacey's family and friends at her hen night back in September.

The bride had made all of the bridesmaids dresses and the stationery herself which definitely kept her busy right up until the night before the big day but was a lovely personal touch. Her Granddad had also made the cake.

All of the men were in kilts, which is common for a Scottish wedding and most of the male guests were also in kilts, including Graham, which I always think looks so smart. I was glad to see they had a mixture of tartans within the bridal party as that it is also what Graham is planning to do.

I liked that the bridesmaids, while they wore the same dresses and carried the same flowers, had different hair styles, depending on what they preferred and suited them. I'm definitely going to let my bridesmaids decide what they would like themselves.

It rained a bit during the day, especially in the morning, but by the time we arrived at the reception venue, they were able to get some photos outside. This is not uncommon for a Scottish wedding which is why we chose a reception venue that had some lovely areas inside!

The reception finished with a Scottish ceilidh and a buffet of stovies and wedding cake. That was our 3rd wedding this year and the last we will attend until ours in April!


  1. Love the colour of the groom's kilt. I do hope we get a few Northumbrian kilt wearers at our wedding!!


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