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All measured up!

I went to get measured for my wedding dress today. Although I had already decided on the dress and paid for half, I opted to wait until I had lost the weight I wanted, before I got measured! Since I'm only 1lb away from my original goal, I pretty much managed it which was fab!

It didn't take long, then we had a look at the designers size chart to see which size I should get. I was right in the middle of 2 main sizes but luckily the designer, Sassi Holfold, is a British designer who makes all her dresses at her studio in England, so I am able to get the odd size in between! I did consider going for the smaller size as it was only really an inch and a bit tight in the waist and hips, but didn't want to feel pressured to lose much more weight since I'm happy at the moment. The shop owner did point out that with the style of the dress {dont want to give too much away}, I will definitely want it to fit perfectly, without looking like its too tight!

Obviously it will need to be taken in slightly at the top and altered in the length since I'm quite short, but its so much easier to take a dress in {if I do lose more weight}, rather than having to take it out! I was also considering the fact that we are about to go on a weeks holiday with my family, then we have my nephews christening and we are going to Florida for 2 weeks, all before Christmas and New Year! Since all we will do at each occasion and celebration is eat and drink, I don't think there will be much more weight loss this year! At least I will have 3 months after Christmas to get back to where I am now, if its necessary!

I also confirmed that I definitely want the additional item made to go with the dress that I mentioned here. We are all going back to the shop on the 31st to get the bridesmaids measured for their dresses and then they can all be ordered too. I also managed to get a dress for our flowergirl tonight {another post will follow!}


  1. It seems like everything is coming along nicely with your wedding plans. Time will fly by quickly even though you still have a few months to go. Enjoy your trip to sumny Florida.


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