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Work in progress: Invitations

Since all of the invite supplies I ordered arrived before we left for the Cotswolds, I managed to make some progress on the first bits of our invitations.

Invite supplies as they arrived

I started by folding then sticking all of the pre-cut and pre-scored pocketfolds, with some help from my dad {note how the rest of the family managed to find other things to do like holding the baby or watching TV while we were busy!} Before we started I had counted the pocketfolds and discovered that instead of the 60 I ordered, there were only 43! Everything else had been correct so it must have just been a small oversight from the company. I called and they were really sorry and got the rest made really quickly. We were only around an hour and a half from the shop so we just went to pick them up as I really wanted to get them done that week. Once they were complete, I also folded the gatefolds for the evening invites. In total we did 62 of the pocketfolds and 35 of the gatefolds, which should be more than enough as I think we only need 56 then 32 respectively.

Dad & I making progress

Then I trimmed the RSVP backing cards to the correct size before it was on to cutting out the different sizes of white paper for the main invite and the inserts then cutting out the purple and grey card. I cut out the following:
  • 100 RSVP backing cards {trimmed to 110 x 110mm)
  • 95 main invite sheets {cut to 130 x 130mm}
  • 95 map / directions insert sheets {cut to 130 x 130mm}
  • 95 information insert sheets {cut to 120 x 120mm}
  • 95 RSVP sheets {cut to 99 x 99mm - so I could get 6 out of an A4 sheet}
  • 95 purple bellyband seal backing cards {cut to 45 x 45mm}
  • 95 grey bellyband seal backing cards {cut to 40 x 40mm}
Which makes a ridiculous total of 670 bits of paper and card cut out!

Pocketfolds, gatefolds & the RSVP backing cards; invite / inserts paper & the bellyband seal card

The ribbon I was waiting on had arrived at my office during my week off which now means I have everything ready to start the final invitations.

Everything I need to make the day & evening invitations (minus the laptop, printer & glue!)

I made a mock-up {see the sneak peak below} of the actual invite text with the stamp & ribbon to the side and the grey backing, but I have a few changes I want to make before I start printing. I also have to design the map / directions, information and RSVP inserts. I would like to get most of the actual invite parts {including the stamping / ribbon & backing} done before we go to Florida at the end of November so that I don't have too much to do over Christmas & new year. We are planning to send them out at the start of January, which will be 3 months before the big day.

Sneak peeks of the invite mock-up inside & out; they look fab in the transparent envelopes too!


  1. they look so good!! you guys are hard workers.

  2. Oh that looks like a lot of work! They do look lovely though. I love purple.

  3. They look amazing! But so much work! Can't wait to see the final product :)

  4. Goooo team gatefold! They look fab!

  5. Made me feel tired just reading about all that hard work. They are going to look great when they are finished. Wish I had that much patience!

  6. Wow!! That is a lot of paper!! Can't wait to see them all when they're done!!

  7. they look amazing! it seems like a a ton of work, but inspiring to see how it can be done if you break it down into steps, can't wait to see the finished product!


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