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Dress for the flowergirl...

I bought a dress for my flowergirl, Georgia tonight!

After my appointment at the dress shop, me & mum went along to John Lewis to have a quick look at the bridesmaids dresses they had. I had seen a dress I really liked there a while ago and kept meaning to get round to going back to have a look, before they disappeared. We couldn't see any at first but then noticed the reduced to clear rack at the back with only a few left on it! Luckily they had some of the one I liked and it was reduced to half price, only £30!

I wasn't entirely sure what size to go for as she is only 10, but quite tall. Turns out they only had 10-11 or 12-13 left anyway. I thought the 10-11 would be too small for her height at the moment so decided just to get the bigger size. Hopefully it does fit her, but if it doesn't, we could either get it altered or return it. It seemed stupid not to get it at such a good price, in case they sold out soon, and at least with John Lewis, even sale items are returnable within 28 days, if you have the receipt {I used to work there, hence the stupid policy knowledge!}

John Lewis Organza Bridesmaid's Dress in Ivory
(Image from
John Lewis)

We are going down to the church on Sunday and should see Georgia there so I'm going to take the dress to her house afterwards so she can try it. The wedding is still 6 months away so even if its slightly too big, it might not be by next year.

Detachable Sash Flowers
(Image from John Lewis)

I really like the dress so hopefully it will work and that she likes it too. I also liked this dress as its not too young looking, like some of the flowergirl dresses I've seen, since she will be 11 by the wedding. It will definitely need to be dry cleaned though to get rid of the shop dust and minor marks which I'm sure will work out fine.

I am still planning to customise it a bit, as we discussed at my last dress appointment. I want her to tie in with the other bridesmaids so I will replace the ivory detachable sash {another reason I liked the dress} with some 70mm purple satin ribbon, mentioned here, as close to the colour of the bridesmaids dresses as possible. We will also add some rhinestone buttons at the back of the sash, again to tie in with the others. The flowers on the sash are lovely though, see above, and I don't want to waste them, so my plan {well maybe not me exactly, but I'm sure mum could} is to unpick them and then sew them on to the actual dress at the left shoulder area to add a bit of interest and make it more individual.