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With this ring 2

As I had talked about before, losing weight has meant that my engagement ring was far too big and falling off! I couldn't cope with the stupid plastic ring snuggie any longer so we went to the jewellers where Graham bought the ring on Saturday. I got my ring and then my fingers measured and I have opted to go for a size K ring, down 2 sizes from the original M that I had {despite the assistant saying I should go down to a J which I felt would be far too tight in the summer!}

So I left my ring there and it should take 5-10 days to re-size. It feels so weird without it, my finger feels naked so I'm hoping it wont take too long! I'm hoping they clean it at the same time too! We also had a look at their wedding rings again and I took some options I had drawn as well as a picture of what I liked which I had created from an image of another ring in Photoshop {I'm pretty sure the assistant thought I was a bit odd but never mind!}.

Putting my AutoCAD skills to good use!
{Note how I did some options showing an eternity ring, just a future possibility of course!}

I asked them to get price estimates for a couple of options. One ring like the picture below {3mm platinum with 6 princess cut diamonds in 3 lines; 2 to one side & 1 on the other - love the asymmetry} and another design I seen while I was there, also shown below {3mm platinum half band of princess cut diamonds offset to one side}, but with a polished band.

L-R: My Idea; Bien wedding ring
(My image; image from here)

They are going to call the manufacturers this week so hopefully it wont take too long. We want to get the rings ordered soon, possibly when we go and pick up my engagement ring. I am also still considering the 3rd option of a 3mm platinum plain polished band but will wait till I can review the prices to decide.

Graham already knows what he wants, a 5mm plain band, which he is considering getting made in palladium as it is a lot lot lot cheaper than the same ring in platinum. My ring needs to be platinum to be the same as my engagement ring.

Then we just need to decide what we want engraved inside, so far we are just thinking our initials and the wedding date, something maybe like G & G 03.04.10, although we have plenty time to think about that!


  1. I love the second one its fab and a bit different! xxx.

  2. I prefer the one of your own design! asymmetry is gorgeous, and then if you do get an eternity ring you can go overboard on diamonds in tat one and not blind people with your ring finger!

  3. Anonymous15/9/09 15:07

    I love both of them! Great choices.

  4. I like the one you picked as well. Just a lil different so no one else will have the same ring.


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