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Ring Snuggies

OK, so while my weight loss is fabulous and I'm very excited that I'm almost down to my goal weight, and I do feel so much better for it, there has been a teeny tiny down side.

My lovely engagement ring, which I have almost been wearing every day for a year {3 days to 1 year engaged!}, is now way too big for me. Guess that happens when you have lost 34 pounds! I will get it properly fixed when we go shopping for our wedding rings but I needed something to stop it falling off for the time being.

I had heard of Ring Snuggies before and discovered they stocked them at Claire's so had a look while I was shopping at the weekend. Luckily they had them and one is kind of the right size to stop my ring from moving about, yippee!

Ring Snuggies
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Although they are great and do exactly what they need too {they would also be great for people who have larger knuckles}, I have to say they are a bit uncomfortable and its definitely only a temporary measure as they are quite annoying when I'm carrying something and I find I'm now having to take my ring off at night which I never did before!

However, it does mean I could wear my grandmothers sapphire ring, which is too big for me just now, at the wedding as my something blue, without having to worry about getting it re-sized or it falling off.


  1. Congrats on the weight loss!! I've been contemplating getting ring snuggies for my wedding ring too because it's looser than my engagement ring though the size is the same. I didn't think it might be uncomfortable though. Do you know of any other measures to make the ring fit apart from resizing the ring??

  2. Anonymous4/9/09 11:46

    Maybe I should get a ring snuggie for visits to the swimming pool :))


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