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More samples

I ordered more samples of card & envelopes from PDA as well as some vellum envelopes from Ideal Envelopes. They all arrived really quickly back on the 4th of September and I love the vellum ones! The ones from PDA are a bit nicer just because of the way they close but they are more expensive so will need to think about it if we do decide to go with them. I did order another plain square one to check the size as well.

L-R: Ideal Envelopes - Vellum; PDA Envelopes & Card

I also ordered a gatefold card sample in the same purple that we are using for the main invitations, as an option for the evening invites, as well as PDA's swatch pack which is brilliant as it has 1 piece of every type of card they stock which would make it really easy to compare types and colours without having to order loads of bigger bits.

L-R: PDA Swatch Pack; PDA Colourplan Swatch - Col25 Amethyst {our colour}

So I think I'm going to start doing mock-ups of the invites this weekend then I really really really must make a start on them so I'm not running around doing them all at Christmas {first task will be to order the pocketfolds & gatefolds!}

{Edited on Thursday, 17 September 2009 to swap the dark pictures for lighter ones & add notes}


  1. oooh looking forward to seeing how they turn out.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.


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