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One year ago!

365 days ago, we were in NYC, when a guy asked a girl to marry him!

Me & Graham by you.

I cant believe we have been engaged for a year, it has gone so fast!

We knew we couldn't actually mark the occasion tonight as I'm going to the hen night of a friend from work; we are going to the spa, having a murder mystery dinner before heading out to a club then staying overnight, which all sounds fab.

So instead, we think we will go for a nice lunch tomorrow {dependant on the hangover of course!}.

p.s I wish I was back in NYC in that lovely sunshine; it has rained non-stop for 2 days in Edinburgh!


  1. Oh how lovely. I hope the hen was wonderful!

  2. Anonymous7/9/09 09:09

    Congrats on the one year engagement! Ours is coming up on 4th October - I'll be at a friends wedding this year!


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