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The "Jealous Bride"

I had a great time at my friend Stacey's Murder Mystery Hen Night on Saturday. I met them early on so we could spend the day by the pool, jacuzzi, sauna & steam room which was lovely and relaxing and having lunch. Everyone else arrived in the afternoon then we retreated to our rooms to get ready for the evening ahead.

A couple of weeks before we had all received our invites to join Stacey, or Claudia Shifty, the world famous model, as she was to be known that evening, on her hen night on board the "Jealous Bride", a luxury cruise liner. The liner was owned by Lady Catherine Eterre who was to be our hostess for the evening. We were all given characters and suggestions on what to wear.

I was to be "Paula Ranovercliff", the famous long distance runner. The costume suggestions was just running gear & a tracksuit which I didn't think was that great, especially since I knew we would be hitting a club later on. So I wore a dress to go out in and accessorised with my running props. This included a sweatband, wristbands, a medal & a running number that I had made.

My running number {I used their wedding date as my number}

We all met in the hotel bar, some of the costumes were brilliant, where we were met by our hostess and the ships captain and taken to our private dining room. Once there we were all introduced and given our scenes to study!

The night was hilarious and I think everyone had a really good time. It was great to all get involved with our mini parts as we tried to unravel the mystery. The actors were brilliant too and really good fun, although they did struggle to keep a straight face at times!

Due to the amount of wine consumed, as you can see by the bottles on the table at the end, no one actually guessed the murderer! Afterwards we all headed out to a local live music club to finish off the night.

Stacey's sister had done a great job of organising the night and also made party bags for us all which included some make-up, sweets, glow sticks and a badge to wear. We also all got a wine charm from essesea as a memento of the evening.


  1. How fun!! Is this a company that does these parties, or did her sister organize everything from scratch??

  2. Yeah it was a company called UK Girl Thing who arranged the whole night including the dinner, murder mystery & the stay over in the hotel. It was a really good way to get everyone involved too.

  3. Anonymous10/9/09 12:49

    Ah I love murder mysteries! What a great idea for a hen night. I'm renting a cottage in devon with friends - i wonder if they'd go down to there? Or could get my girls to organise something ourselves...hmm (clogs twirling in brain)


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