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Baby Boy & Baby Girl

I made baby boy & baby girl cards for all the people that were having babies! I made 2 of each hoping that would cover the 3 arrivals {which I did so now I have a girl one spare!} I sent one to Angela once Jack had arrived, and gave one to Lucy when Emily arrived, but didn't want to share them until Ashleigh had her baby and she had seen her card too.

Baby Girl & Baby Boy by you.

I originally got the idea from this card from Hero Arts, which is where I found the Baby Girl & Baby Boy clear stamp sets I used, as I really liked the announcement bit you fill in. As you can see I just changed the colours and type of ribbon, used cute baby buttons instead of the pearls, added they baby girl / baby boy stamp to the top then I filled in the sections and added the actual babies names at the top.

Baby Boy by you.

Baby Girl by you.

For Jack & Emily's cards, I stamped their first & middle name onto the blank white section at the top, but unfortunately I didn't think to take a picture when they were completed. For Enzo's card, I used some foam alphamini stickers from Papermania as I knew it would be quicker, however, I think it turned out really nice and wish I had done the same for the other ones. Enzo also has 2 middle names so I don't think I would have been able to fit the full stamped name on anyway.


  1. girl, these are seriously so cute. you did such a good job!

  2. Anonymous29/9/09 15:44

    Sooo cute! Congrats to your sis too!


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