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All made up!

Today I posted off the deposit to confirm our date with the make-up company. They are called EyeCandy and they were originally recommended by the hairdressers where I am getting my hair done {well hopefully, really need to book it!} and I have read some good reports about them. They also use MAC make-up which I use and really like which was another reason I liked the sound of them.

(Image from here)

I don't wear a lot of make-up generally and since I totally want to be pampered on my wedding day and want to make sure I'm wearing enough for the photos, I wanted to get it done professionally. They are a mobile company, based in Edinburgh, who can either come to my parents house where we are all getting ready or go to the hairdressers since they have a good relationship with them and there is plenty of space. Which is a good thing since 6 of us {me, mum and 4 out of my 5 bridesmaids} will be getting their make-up done {I had left it up to them to decide whether they wanted it done or not so Helen is going to do her own.}

It is probably slightly more expensive since they come to you but I would rather pay more than having to go to two different salons since we have limited time. Least this way some can get their make-up done while others are getting their hair done and then swap or some can get their hair done and then go back to the house for make-up while the others are at the hairdressers. We have plenty time to figure out the easiest solution.

I will have a trial next year, nearer to the wedding day, once I have finalised how I am having my hair. Hopefully it will all go fine, if not, the deposit was only £10!


  1. Anonymous22/9/09 13:22

    I'm excited about getting my make up done professionally. Love make-up (MAC girl too) but am not the nmost skilled at putting it on! I was thinking of getting quite a dark lip and eye similar as think i might get away with it for winter


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