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100th post!

Woo hoo, I have reached my 100th post! I cant believe I have managed to keep up writing this blog for so long, I have no doubt that part of it is because of all the lovely comments I get, thank you everyone. I also really enjoy it and hope you will all continue to do so too!

We still have 193 days until the wedding so maybe enough time for 100 more!

For my 100th post, I leave you with images of the Storefront for Art and Architecture in NYC and Saipua's new shop in Brooklyn, which I first seen on Peonies and Polaroids, both completely unrelated to weddings!

Storefront for Art and Architecture
(Image from here)

Saipua's Store
(Image from here)

p.s I really hope my 101st or 102nd post is going to be about my new niece or nephew!


  1. i love the way the new shop looks! if only i could go...anyway happy 100th post!

  2. Hey Gaynor,

    Thanks for the lovely comments, they always make such a big difference :) First and foremost, majorly HUGE congrats on the weight loss, 33.5lbs, thats AMAZING :), secondly congrats on your engagement (i just found out lol). Your blog is so lovely, im also totally jealous :) Will need to pop you in my follow list and keep a wee eye on you up to the big day lol Mwah xxxx

  3. Congratulations for reaching that number! That is a huge success. I know how hard it is maintaining a beautiful blog site such as this one.


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