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At work the other day me and my colleagues were discussing weddings {my friend at work is getting married in 2 weeks so this is a regular occurrence just now} and my boss, whose 5 year wedding anniversary was on Friday, was telling us how him and his wife had kept to the traditional anniversary gifts every year. This year, since the gift was wood, he had got her a wooden penguin from dcuk, The Duck Company, and he was given a wooden cocktail muddler.

I thought it was a great idea and something we would love to do in the future, although given that we aren't even married yet, it will be quite a while until we have to worry about it! I dug out my birthdays + anniversaries book from Paperchase which lists each anniversary to see what they are {UK ones anyway}:

1st - Paper
2nd - Cotton
3rd - Leather
4th - Fruit & Flowers
5th - Wood
6th - Sugar/Iron
7th - Wool
8th - Bronze
9th - Copper/Pottery
10th - Tin
11th - Steel
12th - Silk & Linen
13th - Lace
14th - Ivory
15th - Crystal
20th - China
25th - Silver
30th - Pearl
35th - Coral
40th - Ruby
45th - Sapphire
50th - Gold
55th - Emerald
60th - Diamond

Think it will be great to think of different things every year and at least the first is easy; could be a book, a paper ticket for something, some stationery, a photograph, a lottery ticket or even money!

I did see an idea somewhere about starting a journal just after your wedding by writing about the wedding day and honeymoon, then adding to it every year by writing about what you did for each anniversary which would also be really nice to look back on in the future.


  1. i found another list somewhere that is all flowers and plants, I was trying to get my friend her anniversary present and couldn't think of anything from the trad list, so I bought them a cosmos instead - its a nice idea for gardeners :) one of my wrkmates had their 3rd anni last jan, you can imagine the fun they had finding presents for that if you look at the list!

  2. some family friends have just celebrated 70 years - they got married the first week of world war 2!

  3. Cool list!! I'm saving this!!

  4. For my first anniversary, my hubby got me tickets to my favourite singer - Jack Johnson :)


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