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With this ring

Back at the end of May {Sat 30th}, we went to have a look at some wedding rings at the jeweller where Graham got my engagement ring. We wanted to get an idea of what we could get and the prices but I'm only getting round to posting about it now!

Graham pretty much knows what he wants and just needs to decide which metal to go for. I, on the other hand, haven't got a clue! Diamonds, a pattern, or plain??? I have definitely ruled out a pattern so that leaves the question of diamonds or not. I have started to collect a few examples of the sort of thing I like as the jeweller can make anything we want if they don't have it in stock. If I decide on diamonds {which I have to admit I am definitely leaning towards as who wouldn't love more diamonds and it is my wedding ring!}, I will have them offset to one side so that my engagement ring stone doesn't cover any of them.

Valinta Grande Wedding Ring; Fusion Furio Diamond Wedding Ring; Princess Cut Diamond Wedding Ring
(Image from here; here;

Wedding Ring with 6 Princess Cut Diamonds; Wedding Ring with 5 Princess Cut Diamonds
(Image from
here; here)

From the images above, I think I still prefer the top two. The first has the half eternity style with the diamonds offset although I would need the band thinner. The second I like how its a bit more unusual with the asymmetry but again it would need to be a lot thinner and would need to be princess cut diamonds {to match my engagement ring}. I really like the third one but don't think its that suitable for a wedding ring and wouldn't look right with my engagement ring.

The other thing I'm thinking about is what it would look like with an eternity ring as well. That will definitely be either a half or full diamond eternity ring so do I want my wedding ring to match or be something different? I'm obviously not going to have one for a while but its still something to consider.

I think I'm going to start drawing it myself {the joys of knowing how to use AutoCAD / Photoshop for work} then take my ideas back to the jewellers. I may still just go with the plain band!

I did discover when we were there that I can just get a straight band and don't need a cut out since my engagement ring sits quite high up. Which reminds me that I haven't posted a picture of it yet... will follow when I get round to taking a decent picture of it.