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A seat at the Empire State

I was reminded of our plan for the table names when I saw the picture below on Seven Weddings.

(Image from here)

Since we got engaged in New York, we are also planning to name all our tables after New York buildings, which also ties in with my job and is very me, with the top table being the Empire State.

Our list so far includes:

Empire State Building
Chrysler Building
Guggenheim Museum
Statue of Liberty
Rockefeller Center
Flatiron Building
Grand Central Station
Museum of Modern Art
Metropolitan Museum of Art
United Nations Building
Seagram Building
Woolworth Building
Times Square Tower
Trump World Tower
Brooklyn Bridge
Lincoln Building

The Chrysler & Guggenheim are my favourites so they will probably be used for the bridesmaids & ushers tables.

Obviously we wont need all of the above and this is just our preliminary list until we finalise the table numbers and decide which to use. I'm not sure whether to include only interesting buildings, only tall buildings or only famous buildings that at least everyone should have heard of. Otherwise it may only be me and my fellow uni friends and work colleagues that would know them, but then again it may be good to go for the more unusual ones.

I haven't decided exactly what to put on each table name card but they will probably include either a picture or drawing of each building. Bunny Delicious have some lovely table plans & table names including a range of New York ones. Im thinking of also including the same image of each building on the guests place cards for that table.


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