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Dresses for the girls...

While I was doing my own dress searching, we had a look at a few bridesmaids dresses in each shop for ideas and since then I have been looking at others online from Dessy and Watters. I knew I wanted the girls to have long dresses but didn't really have any other must haves at the start.

These are some of the ones I have looked at so far (although not in the colours shown for the Watters ones):

L-R: After Six Style 6558; Dessy Style 2753; Watters Style 4249; Watters Style 1265
(Images from Dessy; Dessy; Watters; Watters)

The one below is my favourite so far and I think it ties in quite well with my dress. I love the detail on the back and really like the straps too. I have emailed all the girls to let them see it and find out what they think.

L-R: Dessy Style 2732 Front; Back
(Images from here

The colour I think we would go for is the concord, as shown above, as its the sort of deep purple colour I was looking for.

Ashleigh went to have a look at it in a shop in London a couple of weeks ago with mum and agreed it was lovely. Me, Lucy, Helen & Karen-Louise have an appointment at the shop I got my dress, Rachel Scott, this Saturday to let them see it in person and try it on to see how it looks. Then I'm going to take Hazel to see it when she comes up to Edinburgh at the beginning on August.

That doesn't mean I have totally discounted any others yet and Ivory Whites are having a Watters trunk show next weekend, 24th - 26th July, so I may go and have a look since they will have a large range of dresses available as well as 10% off. The good thing is we still have plenty of time but I would like to get them chosen soon.

I also then need to start thinking about a dress for my flowergirl, Georgia, and whether she should have the same dress as the others or have the same colour but a different style more suited to her age. I think she is too old to have an ivory dress as she will be 11 the day before the wedding but she is very fair so the purple could be too dark! Plenty time for those decisions too!


  1. Anonymous16/7/09 10:30

    Oooo love those purple colours. I just got my bridesmaids dresses. I was looking for a similar style to the dresses you're looking at and ended up going with a beautiful long dress from Coast - they have some amazing dresses. Worth checking out?



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