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Waiting, waiting, waiting!

As you know, my bridesmaid and best friend Lucy is pregnant. She was due yesterday {29th July} and there is no sign of the baby yet!

I also have another friend that is pregnant too. Angela was due last Friday {24th July} and she is still waiting for her baby too!

Hopefully we will have some news from at least one of them this weekend! Cant wait to meet the new arrivals and I'm sure the mums to be cant wait either!

Unfortunately, Angela lives down near London so I probably wont get to see her baby until I go down to see my new niece or nephew in September. Lucy lives nearby so we will be going to visit as soon as we can!


  1. Tis surely the season for babies! My future sister has just popped too and she lives in Edinburgh.

    How about I visit your London friend and you can go visit wee Maximillian!

  2. Ha ha, yeah we should do that!

    Angela had her baby on Monday morning and Lucy is currently being induced so should be another new arrival soon!


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