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9 Months to go!

Wow, only 9 months to go!

We have now been engaged longer than the remaining time to our big day!

In the last month I have ordered my dress, started collecting prices for our honeymoon, finished and sent most of the save the date cards as well as spending a lot of my time either writing posts for this blog or collecting supplies (stamps/card/paper/ribbon/buttons etc) for the invites and to make baby cards & other projects in the coming months.

So in the next month we still need to contact some florists and hopefully will choose the bridesmaids dresses and book our honeymoon (as well as updating this blog with all the rest of the things we have done already - like the save the date cards, ring shopping, honeymoon & bridesmaids dress ideas etc).

Its not wedding related at all, but while we are counting down, in 5 months time, we will be in Florida! It will also be my birthday!

ps. I also need to do something about my blog header as its a bit boring just now!