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Although this isn't really related to anything, I came across this a while ago and meant to post it after I introduced my wedding colour since its in the same vein as the colorscope post.

Pantone, the standard language for colour communication, have what they call Colorstrology, by Michele Bernhardt, which determines your colour & characteristics by your birthday, a bit like your star sign.

So my birthday colour is Celestial (which I quite like) which means I should be Private, Independent & Quick Minded:

ALTHOUGH YOU are independent and strong, there is a sensitive side of you that remains hidden. It is that side that needs to be acknowledged and understood because it holds many of your deepest wishes. Try not to hide your feelings especially from those who are trying so desperately to understand you. Many people born on this day have a gift for dance and music. Your personal color helps blend your inner and outer world. Wearing, meditating or surrounding yourself with Celestial helps increase your ability to receive the love that you want and need.

I think that I probably agree somewhat with the three main descriptions as I am fairly independent and probably quite private. I hope that I could be described as quick minded!

Grahams birthday & our anniversary is Canyon Sunset (which is horrible):

Our wedding day is Cherry Tomato (mmm bit random & bright):

While I was nosing around the colours / dates, I wanted to find our wedding colour and see what it came up with - so dark purple is April 22nd {least its the same month}:

(Images from here)


  1. Slightly obsessed with colorstrology now! Yay for the purple!


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