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Trying something new...

Thought it was about time I changed my blog header to a slightly more exciting font / design than blogger allows.

I will probably be playing around with it for days to come as I'm not sure that I'm totally sold on it yet (possibly the little flower image* could be bigger, I could use a different font or a different colour) but I definitely think its much better than before.

Oh and I also changed the blog template to the stretched version as I felt the posts were a bit thin & long before, however this is also taking some getting used to so I may change it back again.

*The flower image is the stamp we have used on the save the date cards and will also be using on the invitations.

Updated on 9 July: See, I couldn't even leave it as it was for a full day!


  1. Hi, just found your blog. It's great to find another Brit blog! yey!

    Love your purple palate! Can't wait to see more!


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