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Bridesmaid dress appointment

I had a lovely day yesterday with three of my bridesmaids.

We started off at Rachel Scott where Helen and Karen-Louise tried on the bridesmaid dress we had seen previously. Since Lucy is heavily pregnant (and due in 10 days!) she couldn't try it on but I was able to try the dress to let her see what it may look like. They all agreed the dress was lovely and although the one we tried was the wrong colour, we were able to have a quick peek at the actual dress in the colour we want as the shop owner had one ready for someone else to pick up. This was really useful as its so hard to properly see from the tiny swatches.

I have made an appointment on the 8th of August to take Hazel to the shop to try the dress on too. Hopefully she will also like it. Ashleigh has already seen it, but like Lucy, since she is also pregnant, she wasn't able to try it on. We aren't going to get the girls measured until the end of October to give Ashleigh & Lucy a bit of time after their babies are born.

After the appointment we went for a long chat over some lunch and a couple of drinks which was a lovely way to spend the afternoon.

Later on, me and Graham went out for some dinner before going to see Harry Potter. I thought the film was really good, it was well done and funny, and I cant wait for the next two. Now I'm going to have to re-read the book as there was a few bits they missed out but not before I finish Breaking Dawn!