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03.04.10 Our Day by Design: Getting Ready - My Dress

So although I told you all about my dress hunt and shared when I ordered it, I never showed or told you what it was like until the wedding pics I posted here. My dress is a Sassi Holford design called Hayley, which I got from the stockist in Edinburgh, Rachel Scott. Sassi {well her team} also made the 3/4 length sleeve bolero for me to match the top of the dress as I didn't want the short sleeve version that it is normally put with. I loved wearing it so much and think I need to find a new occasion to wear it for!

Once mum & Ashleigh were dressed and looking fabulous, it was time for me to put my dress on. The other girls stayed downstairs {Hazel was the only other bridesmaid who had seen the dress already} as I wanted to them all to see me for the first time when I came downstairs. I put on another quick squirt of perfume, got my underwear on {knickers, stockings & garter - the fantastic internal corset in my dress meant no bra was needed}, then stepped into my dress with some help balancing from Ashleigh! Once I had the dress up, the photographer came up start taking pictures.

My dress has an internal corset which was covered up with the back of dress and fastened with a zip then there were also some buttons to do up as well, so it took a while to get it on. Since the corset couldn't be seen, they were able to just tie it as tight as possible with the ribbon tie, so it wouldn't move all day!

Then it was time to tie the sash into a bow, which Ashleigh did perfectly; put my bolero & shoes on then I was all set! I went down the stairs {which took a while!} and into the living room where the rest of the girls were waiting. I think they all approved!

Then it was time for some portraits...

(All images by Craig & Eva Sanders)


  1. oh how lovely!
    you look so beautiful.

  2. You look lovely, and the dress and bolero are gorgeous! I planned to wear a corset under my dress, but in the end, decided not to since I already felt hot in just the big slip I was wearing. Plus, my dress was so fitted that it was like a corset on its own. In the end, I’m so glad I made the choice I did.

  3. A bolero how different. Great dress.


  4. Love the photos! You look so calm getting ready. So pretty.

  5. It's so absolutely gorgeous. I love the lace bolero and that bow is just adorable! You just reminded me...I honestly don't remember putting on my perfume! UGH!

  6. You look beautiful! I love all the detailed shots of your dress!

  7. You look absolutely beautiful!! Love the dress and the bolero!

  8. Anonymous19/7/10 21:51

    You look amazing. Your dress is simply stunning, it really suits you!


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