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Snow in March!

As well as the week before the wedding being full of shopping, the last bits of DIY, sorting stuff for the venue & packing, we also had the weather to worry about. The whole week we had terrible weather in Edinburgh, and most of Scotland, which I was not loving at the time! Zoe and R, I'm sure you remember how bad it got that week!

Edinburgh City Bypass 31st March
(Image from here)

The bad weather really started on the Tuesday {although by the Monday I had already ordered a couple of umbrellas} we discovered in the afternoon that landslides down near Berwick meant that the train my sister & nephew were coming on the next day would stop at Berwick and they would get bussed the rest of the way! As it turned out the train company decided not to do that but sent them up on the west coast line instead which meant that they arrived a lot later than planned. Ashleigh still had a nightmare journey though; the class tickets got abandoned {she had booked a 1st class seat since its so much easier with Enzo} and for most of the way she never had a seat! I cant believe that no one would get up to give their seat to a mum & baby! At least she arrived though and her fiance was able to come up on the Friday too; I was a bit worried about the trains being affected all week!

There was some really bad weather the rest of the week too with some snow, blizzards, wind, rain, flooding, landslides etc, I could go on! I know there is nothing you can do about the weather, and it wasn't the end of the world, but I was so disappointed all week! Our photographers were also getting a bit concerned too and they wrote on their blog afterwards that when they went through to the venue, a couple of days before, it was blizzard conditions and freezing! Which is why I got a phone call the day before the wedding, while we were waiting for our nails to dry, from the photographer Craig, asking if I had any wellies! Of course I don't so I had to quickly run around Ocean Terminal looking for a pair. The woman just laughed when I told her they were for my wedding the next day and she said I hope you don't need them!

My Wellies!
(Image from here)

The weather did clear up for the Saturday and although it was cold, the rain only started around 5pm, just as we were finishing the last photos outside. However, I did use the wellies on the day because the grounds we were getting the photos of just me and Graham taken were still really muddy, which probably would have ruined my shoes! Everyone thought it was hilarious when I trooped back into the hotel, dress hitched up, with my pink polka dot wellies on! There are some funny photos!

Here are some of the news stories from that week:

Sunday 28th March: March to end on a Wintry note
Monday 29th March: Heavy Rain, Snow & Gales
Tuesday 30th March: Blizzard Warning / Snow Warning
Wednesday 31st March: Heavy Snow Returns / Travel Disruption / Severe Storms
Thursday 1st April: Thousands without Power / Severe Weather 30-31 March


  1. You get a snow storm and I had a heat wave! What is up with the weather wedding gods??

    Love the gumboots - can't wait to see photos of them!

  2. The weather so far this year has been crazy! I'm so glad that you got a dry-ish day and your wellies are fab.

  3. Anonymous8/6/10 21:31

    I can't imagine how stressful that would have been, I know you can't control the weather, but it's not too much to hope for no snow at the end of March! So pleased you eventually got a nice day.

  4. Serious craziness. I cannot wait to see what November throws at us.

    Bless the cuteness of the wellies.


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