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Rehearsal Dinner {Recap}

After the rehearsal we all headed down to where we were having dinner. I went the short distance in the car with my mum and dad since we had all of the bridal party & parents gifts in the boot, and there were too many to carry!

Everyone who was at the rehearsal came down and we also met the other bridesmaids partners there too, which made 25 people in total. We had booked the private room at the Conservative Club in Haddington, which also does food, as we thought would be nicer than being in a crowded restaurant and its close to the church. We were spread out over just 2 tables which worked out great.

After getting some drinks & ordering, since it was our flowergirl Georgia's birthday, we gave her her present.

Birthday Gift

Then we gave our the gifts to the bridesmaids, best man & ushers, our parents and we also got some champagne for the other reader, Grahams uncle Brian.

Giving the Bridal Party & Parents Gifts

After dinner, Georgia's mum had brought a birthday cake so we also sang happy birthday to Georgia and had the cake for pudding!

Happy Birthday 11!

I think everyone had a great night and we were really glad we had decided to do something all together before we went back up to Edinburgh.

Then it was time to leave. Dad was taking me, Hazel & Georgia back to their house in Edinburgh while mum went with Ashleigh, Patrick & Enzo and the other bridesmaids, Helen, Lucy & Karen-Louise, followed after a quick stop for Lucy to feed her daughter. I said bye to Graham and it felt so weird that that the next time I would see him would be at the alter! Eeeeeek!

Georgia was a little upset at first, as I think this was the first time she had really stayed away from her mum but she was fine as soon as we got to mums. Once everyone had arrived, it was time for a toast & some rose champagne! We ended up being up quite late talking about the day ahead {pulling our neck hairs, don't ask} and having a couple of drinks; which was probably good as I doubt I would have been able to sleep earlier!

Since there were 11 of us staying at mums, we had put 2 double beds in my old room where me, Georgia, Lucy & Helen slept. Karen-Louise & Hazel had the next room along. By this point Georgia was ridiculously excited and we couldn't get her to stop talking or sleep at all; we could the other 2 chatting in the room next door too! Eventually we all fell asleep; it was almost time!