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03.04.10 Our Day by Design: Getting Ready - Hair & Make-up

I did manage to sleep fairly well the night before but we still had to get up early to get to the hairdressers. After a slightly lukewarm shower {something to think about if you have 10 people staying in 1 house with showers!}, me, mum, Lucy, Helen & Karen-Louise piled in the car and headed to the hairdressers for 8am, although it was more like 8.10am by then! The make-up ladies had already arrived by then too so they made a start on Ashleigh & Hazel.

I hadn't managed to have any breakfast in my rush to leave the house & I was feeling quite nervous by then; I don't think I could believe it was actually happening! Georgia came down for 8.30am then Ashleigh & Hazel arrived at 9.

My dad was providing a taxi service back and forward to the hairdressers bringing people then taking them home again when they were finished. Once I was done, I went back with Lucy and Ashleigh so that I could sort out my stuff to take to the hotel, before I got my make - up done. When we arrived at home, all the flowers had arrived; they all looked wonderful and I was really happy with them all.

Mum had sorted out some food to eat so I was made to eat something; even though I was so nervous by this point! Since my veil was so long, my hairdresser put it on then folded it up and put it back into the plastic bag which he then bull dog clipped to the back of my t-shirt. By the time the photographer arrived just after 11am, my make-up was just getting finished and everyone else was ready apart from their outfits.

{All images up to here have been from my mum or the bridesmaids; the pro pictures will start now!}

After everyone had had their make-up done, we gathered all of our stuff together that Patrick was going to take in the back of the car. Cue lots of rushing about to make sure he had everything, as he as also taking the boys buttonholes & Grahams mums flower and all of Enzo's stuff too. Then there was time for a champagne toast {since it was Rose, we had to have it before we all got dressed!} from my Dad, who managed to get every quite teary before we were anywhere near leaving the house!

After finishing our champagne, we chatted and had some more food. Then my mum and the girls went to get ready. I couldn't get ready without mum or Ashleigh to help so they got dressed first. My dad had already got started earlier, and Georgia was the first bridesmaid ready.

Then it was time for me to go and put on my dress...

(All images, unless noted otherwise, by Craig & Eva Sanders)


  1. The veil in the bag was a great idea!

  2. You guys all look so happy. That is so funny that they bulldog clipped your veil to your shirt!

  3. How fun! You look beautiful getting your makeup done, and I’m glad you had a chance to eat something. I can’t wait to get my “getting ready” shots from the photographer!

  4. Anonymous23/6/10 16:54

    Love you eating cereal (not sure that's what it is but that's what I'm imaging) in your veil!! :D


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